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Woodstock Pizzicheria | Brunswick

Woodstock Pizzicheria
It was a great moment when we received a text message from the lovely Elena, advising her legendary pizza-making husband Michele had re-sufaced in the culinary scene by way of Woodstock Pizzicheria. For those of you "in the know" - I need not say anymore about Elena & Michele's amazing reputation for making the best pizza's in Melbourne. But, for those of you who don't know what I'm on about...well, you should go to Woodstock Pizzicheria to find out (although, you won't find Elena there).

Hello Michele!
So, within 24 hours of getting Elena's text, we were walking into Woodstock's front doors. It's a mammoth restaurant (far, far cry from where they came from in Heidelberg) and beautifully fitted out.  As we were shown to our seats, a familiar & lovely smile appeared in the pizza kitchen - Michele was in the house! Oh yeah!
Beer & Wine
I quickly ordered a glass of white wine ($7) and Shawn ordered a Carlton Draught ($5/285ml). We sipped as we perused the menu, which isn't large, but is varied enough to cater to most tastes. We were a bit surprised at not having the choice to choose the size of our pizzas, but hey - when in Rome, right?

Caprese Salad
Our absolutely delicious, yet dishearteningly small, Caprese Salad ($15) hit the table just moments before the pizzas arrived. It was like a little teaser salad, with four pieces of tomato, the same amount of mozarella di Bufala, and a handful of rocket and basil. The salad experience ended way too soon and although we wished there was more of it, our eyes widened at the lovely pizzas that now sat before us.

Woodstock Pizza
I had the Woodstock Pizza ($20) with pomodoro, fior di latte, roast potatos, carmelised onions, eggplant, zucchini, oregano and pecorino cheese. Can't really say anything else except: YUM. All the right amounts of seasoning and flavour made me a very happy lady.

Zio Antonio Pizza
Shawn opted for the Zio Antonio Pizza ($20). Decorated with pomodoro, fior di latte, fresh ricotta cheese, cacciatore salami and olives. Suffice to say the salami was the star and it disappeared from the table without a second thought.

De Cecco Olive Oil
I must take a moment though to mention an honourable side-kick to our pizzas, the De Cecco Extra Virgina Olive Oil that sat on our table. We looked at the bottle while we waited for the food to arrive, and both agreed we'd give it a shot. And boy did we ever! Once we splashed a few drops onto the first pizza slice, it was impossible not to continue doing it to the next, and the next! That's some amazing olive oil and a fantastic accompaniment to our pizzas!

Being nice and full, our bill was dispatched totaling $67. Considering the atmosphere and quality, it was a well priced dinner. Both the food and restaurant are amazing. For us, the only thing missing was Elena. :)
One of the dining tables

If you're into gourmet pizzas, and I don't mean the loosely used term "gourmet" that you see on frozen pizza boxes, I mean real gourmet pizzas....then you must add Woodstock Pizzicheria to your To-Do list.

Make sure to arrive early, otherwise you'll have to wait for a table, and watch everybody else enjoying their pizzas before you!


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