Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Indian Affair | Warrandyte

Samosa, Bhajia, Tikka
You would never (ever) know Indian Affair existed if you were just passing through Warrandyte.  Which is exactly why Shawn & I have taken a million years to find out about its existence, even though we've driven through the area countless times.

What caught our attention was their Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday "3-Course, All You Can Eat" deal of $22.90 per head.  The 'all you can eat' part applies to the mains, rice & breads only - but hey - that sounded good to us!  No drinks tonight, it was a pretty hot day and I didn't need any alcohol to help the dehydration, so just water for this sitting.

Samona, Bahjia, Pakora
Tucked away at the very back of a nondescript set of shops, the restaurant was spacious and pretty clean - but looked more like a cafe in terms of fit-out. But when there's 'all you can eat' to be had, who cares about those little details right? Right!

Let's talk food!  Two sets of starters came out: one vegetarian, the other meat.  Both had the typical Samosa and an Onion Bhajia - and they were pretty standard, good, nothing to write home about but happy to have 'em. My third starter piece was a Palak Pakora and Shawn has a piece of Chicken Tikka - again, same-same as far as pretty typical and yummy.

Paneer Makhani
I (very predictably) ordered my first main, Paneer Makhani, which was again - good. Nice flavours, not as tomato-y as other places, but still thick & creamy. Happy lady. Shawn opted to try the Lamb Rogan Josh, which was a deep dark brown colour (a good indication it should be rich in flavour!), and he was pleased with the tenderness of the meat and flavours.  Shawn ordered a second helping of this one! :) We also had a Tarka Daal brought to the table, which was watery (as expected), very mild and lightly spiced. Not to our personal liking, but nothing offensive about it.

Tarka Daal
Add to this a colourful serving of Rice and a couple of lovely fresh Naans - and it's easy to understand how all our hopes & dreams of eating these guys out of business never came true!! We were so full after only two main dishes each that we never got to try anything else.... well, except for dessert!

We tried the Pista Kulfi (with pistachio nuts), which was extremely rich and the perfect size to share for a couple of over-stuffed bears!

The hostess was a really lovely lady, extremely obliging and helpful - and the only one who seemed to be working in the front of house. But, we do have a habit of hitting places pretty early, and were glad to see a group of people coming in as we left.

All in all, Indian Affair was a worthwhile trip - and really well priced for what you can (potentially!) eat on a Mon/Tue/Wed.  It's not the most riveting Indian we've ever had, but it wasn't the worst either. We'd happily add these guys to the "pretty good" section of the 50+ Indian restaurants we've dined at so far....

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