Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pats The Philly Way | Richmond

Tree Huggin Hippy & Chips
A Philly cheese steak place in Richmond? Australia? Really?  Yes, really! This trendy little diddy had a professional fit-out on the same level I'd expect to see from a major franchise. But it's not (yet, at least):  Pat's The Philly Way.

Being from America myself, I was curious to check it out, and Shawn loved the cheese steaks he's had in we had to give this new kid on the block a try!

Always happy to see a vegetarian option on any menu - I got the Tree Huggin Hippy with grilled eggplant stuffed into a ciabata roll. Roast pepper, tasty cheese and fried egg also joined the party with a tomato relish and tzatziki. The sandwhich as really good, but to be honest - I could've lived without the egg...don't think it really added anything special.

Just Grazin Cheese Steak
Shawn ordered the classic cheese steak called Just Grazin also on a ciabata roll. Seared steak, carmelised onion, lettuce, aioli, and relish - he was pretty pleased with the taste and could've probably eaten the full sized version!

We also got Pats Chips with herb salt - nicely cooked, crispy & tasty.  All in all a pretty good meal, it doesn't compare to the sloppy American style cheese steaks in the USA...but a pretty good effort for down under!  Definitely give them a shot!

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